Friday, 7 January 2011

Long Legs.

In case it had slipped anyone’s mind, it is January! Month of all things new! And so in the spirit of the month I have made a New Year’s Resolution.

I would like longer legs.

I think this is a fair and not unreasonable goal. With these longer limbs I could reduce my pasta guilt, as having a longer body would allow the new fat molecules to disperse equally throughout my limbs, all of which could remain toned and slender. Furthermore, I could go about my day with more speed, as these giraffe-like legs of mine would transport me elegantly and speedily about the place.

Unfortunately, it seems, like many, I have confused a New Year’s Resolution with a magic wish. Unachievable, unfeasible, and unhappily, a reinforcement of my insecurities. One day we all might learn to accept that we are flawed. With jiggling bellies, receding hairlines, and self-sabotaging personalities, but ultimately, and brilliantly, human.

One day, maybe, but I doubt it.

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