Monday, 14 February 2011


I think it’s in general agreement that Valentine’s day is ridiculous. If yours is a truly loving relationship why should it be celebrated on just this one roses and teddy bears day of the year? How can a box of chocolates and a heart decorated mug exemplify days, months or years of affection and trust? The cynicism surrounding the 14th of February is hardly a minority affair.

We could easily apply this logic to Weddings, Christmas and Birthdays. But we don’t. We start saving with Christmas schemes in January so that we can show our love in December. So why is Valentine’s so absurd to us? I’ve had enough of hearing how Clinton’s invented the entire thing for profit, who actually cares if they did? If a card the size of a child and pink fluffy hearts are enough to make someone’s day, I’m all for it.

And yes, Valentine’s for the singleton might not hold such allure, but I can honestly say that my love extends far beyond what I feel for the man in my bed. It would be difficult to go through life without feeling love for those around you, my girls, parents, brothers, and if I’m honest I have an unreasonable amount of affection for my cat. So today, instead of bitching on about consumerism, I’m going to wish everyone I love a very happy Valentine’s Day! Even if it cost's me an extra bowl of cat food.


  1. So gorgeous Em. Hand-picked flowers are so much better than over-priced gifts any way. Free loving is the best kind of loving! xx

  2. also the cheapest! thanks sweet thing XX